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As long as the central nervous system disrupting medications continue to be prescribed, the Top Funny Shirt on moteefe on 06/12/2019 to self and/or others will continue. Time to stop sticking our heads in the sand assuming it is an isolated gun problem. We need to quit making a media spectacle every time there is a shooting. It makes it look like we are glorifying the actions of the shooter and forgetting about everybody else involved. The country is addicted to this kind of event and thrives on the media circus that brings out gun control sound bites. When they stop the war at Capital I’ll be more peace among the people .we sick and tired of so much BS. very sorry for the families involved in such loses we the people paying in every way. The shooting is a terrible thing and prayers for those involved. However please don’t sensationalize this for the whole day with everybody you can find with an opinion and every so-called. expert, surely there are other things out there that are newsworthy.

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