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I was very happy to see this moment in court, but then he lessens the moment by playing the Top Funny Shirt on moteefe on 04/12/2019 card yesterday receiving that award. C’mon, man. I don’t think color had anything to do with this case. If it was a white or Latino man in her “supposed” apartment, she was going to shoot him. This was a bad mistake on her part, not a racist moment. An award normally given to cops is given by cops because he forgave a cop. I am moved by his ability to forgive the person who killed his brother, that’s a special person. I’ll bet the award is really meaningless to him. Sorry but this one has my head spinning. This guy was really doing the right thing for himself. He made a decision not to let this put him into a negative angry hate life. It was horrible and most of us would not have been as strong as he is. The policewoman will have to live with what she did and that is also horrible.

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