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Schiff under oath swearing he didn’t have contact with the whistleblower. The whistleblower under oath explaining how he got whistleblower status after leaking classified information that was repeated. Why this leak which only has one mans opinion attached to it was allowed to be weaponized by Schiff who used to manufacture evidence for impeachment purposes when the call transcript was released and both sides said nothing improper occurred. So many comments from people with zero knowledge of politics. If he testifies he gets to answer only questions approved from the Democrats. The Republicans can not ask any question not approved first. The house refuses to go house rules which make this not a hearing. House minority witness calling rule has been asked for and denied. That makes this hearing nothing. The Senate can refuse the findings and send back to the House for a legal hearing. The higher chamber can not even entertain it. The would overturn anything done as it has not followed the rules set forth. This is just a one-sided grasp for the democrats. What surprised me is idiots who think a one-sided court is a truth.

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Baby Yoda Yelling At The Table Shirt

Bow To The Brow Anthony Davis Unibrow Shirt

Did You Fuck My Mom Charlie Kelly Christmas Sweatshirt

Donald Trump Heart MAGA Mexicans Acting Gringo Again Shirt

Donald Trump Tweeting A Photo Of Himself As Rocky Balboa Shirt

East Noble State Shirt

I Don’t Always Listen To My Wife But When I Do Things Tend To Work Out Better Shirt

I Might Look Like I’m Listening To You But In My Head I’m Playing My Guitar Shirt

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Smoke Weed Everyday Christmas Sweatshirt

Streak Busted Duke’s 150 Game Non Conference Winning Streak Ends Shirt

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Treat People with Kindness Puff Ink Shirt

Tree Of Life Gaia Mother Earth Goddess Shirt

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Autism It’s Not A Disability It’s A Different Ability Skeleton Shirt

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Hold My Beer Baby Yoda Christmas Sweatshirt

I Do It For The Ho’s Christmas Sweatshirt

I’m Not That Type Of Person You Should Put On Speakerphone Shirt

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Merry Jeep Mas Sweatshirt

Nurse Christmas Sweatshirt

Reindeer Christmas Sweatshirt

Save A Turkey Eat A Pizza Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Sometimes I Get Road Rage Walking Behind People At The Grocery Store Shirt

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The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Christmas Sweatshirt

Wine Nurse Christmas Sweatshirt

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I Am Politically Incorrect I Say Merry Christmas God Bless America Sweatshirt

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