Top Funny Shirt on Lazadashirt on 18/8/2019


I ordered fried shrimp and fries at Red Lobster the other day. Both were the Top Funny Shirt on Lazadashirt on 18/8/2019 kind I wouldn’t even feed a kid for lunch. Yuck! I won’t be going back. I regret that I paid for it but after it took an hour and ten minutes to get our orders, I didn’t want to wait for anything else. lobster should love plant-based seafood then because their fool tastes like garbage. They’ve never known how to make a decent lobster and the last time I ate there, even the shrimp was terrible. That’s certainly their choice, and fine, that’s what they do. But why is this news? Is Fox trying to drum up hate for vegetarians? Probably in order to bolster the dairy industry.
Red Lobster, by the way, is not good anyway.


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