Top Funny Shirt on 1sTees on 10/9/2019


The Democrats keep saying the American people need to know everything about the Top Funny Shirt on 1sTees on 10/9/2019 call, and of course, they keep saying “No one is above the law. I believe, we, the American people, should know who is accusing our elected President of setting doing, supposedly abusing his power and violating his oath of office. No more protection for whistleblowers. This has exceeded insanity levels. Too much BS and scams. Mark my words, the deep state minions are still behind this never-ending charade and work for democrats. I don’t understand why the identity is not revealed. In a whistleblower matter, the name is normally released because the whistleblower is now part of a protected class and any retaliation against that person is open to additional legal remedy.


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