The Woooorst Jean Ralphio Three Moon shirt

This is all a bunch of BS. Nasa is a fraud, Woooorst Jean Ralphio Three Moon shirt. space is not real and the moon is just a hologram. No one can nor will ever be able to step on the moon. Wake up, people.
What. If the world is on the apocalypse. A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. HOW HUMAN SURVIVE. and how we resolve it. That my what if. What if there is really a parallel world?
If you go to the past you can change the future or will you create another future?
The U.S. did not have the capability to send anything to the moon in 1958. That’s probably why the idea was scrubbed. I want this episode. Could easily be your longest and most debated.

What if there were no religions ever created. A nuclear explosion is dampened out in our mostly nitrogen atmosphere but what happens if it explodes in a hydrogen atmosphere like Saturn or Jupiter? Will it ignite a new sun?

Now I mean I did not read everybody’s comment but if there was so much radiation and there was no landing on the moon doesn’t that make sense so they’re saying there was no moon landing by an American!
What if our climate changed so drastically that places like Florida became like Michigan and places like Michigan became like Florida.

Woooorst Jean Ralphio Three Moon shirt

The Woooorst Jean Ralphio Three Moon shirt

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Woooorst Jean Ralphio Three Moon shirt What if you crossover through the black hole and enter a parallel universe in which u are there but back as a child?
I don’t believe the Moon is responsible for Earth’s seasons as stated; the orbit of Earth around the Sun is.
I do not include myself in the craziness of the “We.” For the “We” who choose to be destructive; “Their Days are Numbered!” Psalms All I wanted to know was weather we would be able to see it and how many megatons would we need to make it happen. What If
There was no such thing as an illegal alien and we were able to live in any country in the world?
So many untruths. Woooorst Jean Ralphio Three Moon shirt. Stop misinforming people and do a little research before you launch into this crap.
What if, the aliens we talk about are not from outer space, they are the people from the future! (Time-travelling).
 What if there is no time ..? I’m not talking that time stop I’m talking about what if the time it doesn’t exist from starting…of the universe.
Bro, love the series, but you gotta fix this. Sputnik was a low earth orbit mission, it did not orbit the moon.
Who researches this crap? Even without Google, or Wikipedia, a dim-witted 6th grader could have done a better job of writing this

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