Stranger Things Texan Things Shirt


Micky Lavalley, Carmel Eshky has every right to voice her opinion. The Stranger Things Texan Things Shirt impacts the entire world, good or bad. I welcome her voice. Katrina Jones why is the economy the be-all and end-all… the planet we live on can’t stand continual growth… three percent a year is. Gus Young no it isn’t. I travel the world. A different country each month añd I never met a single person who doesn’t live the USA, trump añd want to come here. where have you been? double in 30 years… do you think your kids will thank you? Katrina Jones Trump is sinking the world (in more ways than one, America included). Very short-sighted policies that are taking the planet to the verge of environmental destruction. A trade war with China, a near war with Iran, direct involvement in splitting up Europe. A lump of Lard which is dividing humanity and building walls.

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