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. And those saying it’s not art, obviously don’t know a lot about art. Hahaha. BTW this is not my art below.. It’s pretty. But it’d be more impressive if it was done with a paint brush and there wasnt so much empty space and wasted paint. I can do that when I’m on the rag and drag myself across Stitch Touch Me And I Will Bite You Hoodie leaving a red snail trail, wheres my video.  It’s acrylic pouring/fluid art and it isn’t as easy as it looks. I personally think using the dust pan makes it look ugly. I’ve seen some gorgeous pours with cups or a strainer though. I was just thinking of doing a piece that was multiple smalls that come together as a single large display.  Looks cool the first time but gets boring after the 12th time doing the same thing in a different colour .  I don’t think it’s art but it looks like fun to do and if she’s making money from it good luck to her.

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Why don’t you people leave them alone. Maybe your marriage won’t work and you’ll be looking for someone to love. Let them be in love and be happy. The story on the news said they’d been drinking.I can’t even hear my alarm after drinking; how’s she hearing him snoring. For all those people asking why he is wearing a Stitch Touch Me And I Will Bite You Hoodie, he’s not. It’s his belt. Not that it would matter even if he was, people can wear whatever the hell they want to. If you can’t understand what he stated, you are the problem. He stated a fact, which is that a pilot needs to be able to take necessary action at a moment’s notice, and that having the knowledge to correctly do so is what saves lives.Still sweet tho. I personally like dirty pours and resin effects better.

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