Sorry I wasn’t listening I was thinking about snowmobiling shirt


I’ve gotten really good with Sorry I wasn’t listening I was thinking about snowmobiling shirt. the motions of active listening but can only actually listen when I have taken medication. Therapy definitely helps so it’s probably like 50% without and 75% with. My least favorite is being introduced to someone – as soon as they say their name, chances are I have already forgotten. I used to practice it in college, but with most things I got bored and stopped after two weeks or so. That’s the worst! Luckily I work somewhere where we all have name tags.

How to use snowmobiling in a sentence?

This was the worst in college, studying anywhere outside my room… [someone walking by]brain: WHO’S THAT??? oh, right, just someone looking for a book… it doesn’t matter, I’m supposed to be working — WHO’S THAT??? and by the time the library is closing for the night my brain is like “aren’t you proud of me? I did sooooo much today and I’m completely exhausted” and zero of my shit is done. thanks, brain, you’re a real pal. I’m gonna try this next time. Easily plausible considering I work around a lot of machines that make a lot of low consistent noise that just builds on one another. Though the “sorry I wasn’t listening” slips out at the speed of light because my filter is super broken. Tips for not sticking my foot in my mouth (when it happens without hesitation) are greatly appreciated.

Sorry I wasn’t listening I was thinking about snowmobiling shirt, ladies, v-neck t-shirt, tank top, flowy tank.

My response to a sentence that I should have heard is mostly “hm?” Fortunately, it arrived somewhere so if it’s short I may reprocess. It if no one else says something for a few milliseconds. I am really good at telling what people are saying. When they have something in their mouth—I’m usually the only one who can figure it out. I chalk it up to having had to figure out. What people have said when I’m only hearing ⅔ of the words (if I’m lucky!). Oh, I definitely hear it. It’s just that something else has caught my attention. Like a dog out the window, or someone having a conversation elsewhere, or a tv playing a commercial. Hell, I usually don’t comprehend the other conversations either. It’s just enough to distract me that it’s like a shit ton of tv static in my brain. That gets filed in a junk drawer, to pop up at inopportune times. So I guess my issue more so is active listening.


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