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I’d say skip the nukes. Solar system Flat Mars Society shirt. If all you are looking for is heat energy, the asteroids and comets will do the job just fine. That will produce a lot of heat on impact without irradiating large sections of Mars with nuclear fallout. The largest nuclear bomb ever detonated was the Tsar Bomba, with a yield of 50 megatons (with a theoretical max of 100 megatons). By comparison, the Chicxulub impactor that ended the Cretaceous Era is estimated to have been 10-15 km wide, and released 10⁸ megatons worth of energy (one description suggests that would be the heat generated would be the equivalent of detonating 1 megaton bombs every four miles over the entire surface of the Earth). Another famous impactor was at the Sudbury Basin in Canada is also estimated at 10-15 km, and yielded 2.5×10⁶ megatons worth of energy. Lastly, the Tunguska event, speculated to have been an object less than a quarter of a kilometer in diameter, and yielded on the order of tens of megatons worth of energy. And since the plan calls for directing asteroids and comets towards Mars anyways, skip the nukes and just use those.

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Everyone goes straight to a human population of mars. Solar system Flat Mars Society shirt. I think, if anything, we should just terraform it to the point where it could sustain microorganisms and some plants and leave it at that point. Let it grow to be something beautiful in itself and in the absence of humans. Even if it was possible to put humans on mars I’d give it less than 1,000 years before we’d turn mars into a trash heap like we’re doing to our own planet. mars’ magnetic field is very weak to trap the atmosphere.
you may melt the ice caps to turn them into the water but it will just evaporate and leak because of the solar wind. That’s the reason why mars became a red planet. mars had an atmosphere before like earth and can support life but its magnetic field weakened. Solar system Flat Mars Society shirt
in the first place, why do we have to turn mars into a green planet.
we already have a planet that can support life but we are just destroying it.
why don’t we just rebuild our planet before rebuilding mars’ atmosphere?

We don’t even know how to make our country right. We know very little about climate change (that scientist can agree on) and yet we believe we can turn mars into a habitable planet? With our luck, the nukes will set off a chain reaction throwing it off its axis putting it into a collision course with earth.

Would work if you could give it a magnetic shield, Mars has a dead core.
All this will be stripped back to a red airless desert in a few centuries if we don’t solve that first.

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I think it’s more plausible to combine human with Ai or genetically modify yourself using CRISPR to be resistance to mars condition. Solar system Flat Mars Society shirt

You cant handle or transform even your own body and life and you think you can transform Mars? OMG. Stupidity and pretentiousness of some humans are truly immense. The only true ‘cosmic’ dimension in them.

Only thing mars will ever be good for is a military/scientific outpost and resource mining.
With a solid core and an extremely weak magnetic field, it’s useless as anything else.
Better off just mining it for the resources we need to build a spaceport. It would essentially become a mining hub for asteroid/comet miners to unload and refuel.


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