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In the latest oxygen os update for oneplus 6T the optical fingerprint sensor got a lot faster. Snoopy Sometimes I need to be alone and listen to The Cure shirt. There used to be a short delay so you felt like you were waiting a split second for it to unlock. With the update it unlocks as you press down on the fingerprint reader and it feels instantaneous. I used to think 5 hours of screen on time was good… until I got a 4000 mAh battery phone with a mid rance CPU. Nowadays less than 7 hours of screen on time is not usable.

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I end most days at 50% but it’s nice not having to stress about battery usage. I’ve disabled battery percentage and everything, I don’t care anymore. That’s very fortunate. I have the S7 Active and I cannot wait until I can buy the 6T. Doing simple things like opening google maps and typing in an address takes well over 45 seconds, anything that seems processor heavy is a nightmare to use for me. I just upgraded to the 6T and it’s glorious. S7 was never even close to this smooth, not even out of the box when it was top of the line. Real gamechanger for me, not sure I can ever go back to Samsung even though I know their recent phones have had some more longevity, I’d rather have something focused on longevity and brute power over features that I barely used.

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Well, maps are the only app that causes that for me. S7 active too. Even games don’t force close everything and slow whole phone down. I don’t think it’s processor though more like a memory leak. Force stopping and restarting it helps a bit. Yeah sometimes I’ll wake up and start working on my computer for an hour, barely on my phone, and I’ll look down and be at 80%. I have no idea what’s going on there lol. My only complaint with my XL too… the 6P was a wayyyyy better-looking device. The back of the XL looks bland plus but there’s so much wasted space on the front, whereas the 6P gave you those awesome speakers and the “visor” and its rounded edges. I got my XL for free then the replacement program Google led when my 6P died so I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but then if I could have the snappiness of the XL with the 6P’s design I’d trade in a heartbeat.


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