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The smallest things seem to really help a lot. She’s my sweet potato shirt is the winged words always bring great meaning. And is highly appreciated. It’s like having a wonderful miracle, today everything around me seems to have changed dramatically. I love life, love people and feel that I love you. Last night I was thinking a lot and today my whole heart and mind are extremely open. I thought about you, think of you and think of both love story of two of us, a love story with many happy memories but also many sad memories. I remember the story of each other, from the time I met each other, began to love each other until the moment seems like “almost” finished and then I suddenly realized that maybe I never end up falling in love with him.

If your lover is not as sweet as sugar?

Not all women are born with the same amount of sugar. There are many people, some less, some girls are sweet, but there are also pretty cold girls. Not every girl is planted from a tree, not every flower has the same scent. So want to know why the lover is not sweet, look at the past as well as her family. Maybe she grew up in a family, where sweetness is considered something very weak, that it is not a factor that deserves to exist from the honor of a woman. Or her parents do not encourage women to be romantic or sweet. Simply they are cold and not sweetly behaved together. Or anything else that affects her children and cognitive … After understanding the root causes of the problem, you will look at your partner in a more positive way, and respect her. She’s my sweet potato.
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