Rick and Morty Pittsburgh Steelers shirt


What BS, USA Today! There have not been 250 mass shootings in the United States this Rick and Morty Pittsburgh Steelers shirt! Stop misleading the American public this way! You are most likely including statistics from Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and where ever else has high gun crimes! This is not new. This has always been going on. Just more prevalent in social media days. America is amazing. Don’t blame this on the laws of our country. That’s ignorant. Instead, start raising our children to treat people with respect. Watch what they are doing instead of giving them a pad and ignoring them. We have lost the ability to control our children because we allow them to control us. There are exceptions to every rule but if you just pay more attention to your surroundings and especially pay attention to your children we could change a lot. It won’t happen overnight but this is a product of our own doing.

Rick And Morty Pittsburgh Steelers Shirt

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