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Otherwise, he is almost perfect. He put five balls in the 20-yard line and had no touchbacks. In Week 1 of the Broncos, Dickson averaged 59 yards in six shots, averaging 57.5 yards. He also dropped four balls inside the 20, and two inside the sixth. “Oh, a kick, a man, a kick,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said later. One of Dickson’s players scored 69 yards. The scrimmage line is 25 of the Seahawks; Dickson kicked it off his own 15 and landed in Denver 1 – with the ball out of bounds at 6. Dickson had a hanging time of 4.82 seconds on that kick, according to the broadcast game.

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Meaning he Has checked all boxes with a swing of leg: distance. We got big balls shirt. Hanging time, corner to stop the back, and field position. Now, in the regular season, he continues to do all that consistently, and the benefits because his team’s offense is bad. Through two games, Dickson has punted 13 times, tied for second after Browns’ Britton Colquitt. Dickson had an average of 46.4 yards, third behind Cameron Johnson of the Eagles and Chiefs’ Dustin Colquitt.


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