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Being thankful, apologetic, a manifestation of a civilized, cultured, lifelong lifestyle. Say thank you first that is the parents. Because they are the ones who help you survive in this life. Also the nurturer who teaches you every day. Thank you for helping to overcome the difficulties. Maybe neighbors reminding you to turn off the water when the water overflows. Please do yourself a sincere thanks. Saying thanks to others also expresses the love of life. The love of human beings and the desire to do good in life. The silent gratitude will not have much effect on anyone. If you have the habit of expressing gratitude but not a noticeable improvement in your worldview. Then perhaps your gratitude comes from the first benefit, not from the heart. into. The sincere gratitude, on the other hand, does not impair self-worth but reinforces cohesion.

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To achieve this, we must maintain our sense of motivation. Thank you cum again shirt. Always say thank you every time you get something useful from someone else. But do not abuse the gratitude. Thank you in the right place and in the right place. You can be grateful for the difficult situations that help you learn and grow. But do not be grateful to those who have mistreated you. That is lack of health and vain. Say thank you when necessary, by saying so many thanks for the little things. The thanks are no longer worth it. It becomes boring, flirtatious, formal. Do not take advantage of gratitude to avoid hardship. But cherish it, try to see it as a motive. A belief that motivates us to act. Make others’ gratitude the driving force for us to continue to progress. To appreciate ourselves and live more properly.


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