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Thanks, Bill, Malt Whiskey Not Walt Disney shirt.. for sending me this post. It’s another source for my getting quotations. “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” – Walt Disney, Disney World is going to implode on itself. They are out pricing themselves to the average family. You can spend 5000 easily on Disney World or go and visit Europe for 5000. Soon families will choose to visit the world instead of DisneyWorld. What an amazing guy, have memories for the life of the animated movies he created. Proudest happiest moments of memories. Thank you Walt, forever in our memories, This man was a poor racist even though he had nothing when he did make it he wouldn’t give a black person a chance to enrich their lives black animator artists would apply for a job and he would tell them no and get out of my office why would a poor man not help another poor struggling person to get ahead so I have nothing nice to say about the man, he reminds me of someone young, who is very close to you. My baby is FOURTEEN!?! I love you and thank you for all the support you give to us, your an amazing person and the best mom. Wow and he made kids dreams come True and a childhood like my dad, but my dad is a great human being. Another of my HEROS! I have been to Disneyland and Disneyworld many times to enjoy my family and see the smiles on their faces, but also to see what is possible if you believe. Great man. Always love Disney movie Snow White was the 1st movie dad took us to day in the middle front seats at the Grove cinema of Dudley Rd Birmingham.

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Malt Whiskey Not Walt Disney Sweater


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Happy days, According to the Walt Disney Archives, Malt Whiskey Not Walt Disney shirt. Walt Disney never said, “if you can dream it you can do it.” This line is from a song that was written for Horizons; one of the original pavilions at EPCOT Center. The authors are George Wilkins and Tom, Fitzgerald. Even today, some at The Walt Disney Company misquote Walt – and although the phrase is rooted in his philosophy an actual quote cannot be substantiated. On a side note, I have worked with both George and Tom – and was on the original EPCOT Center project team. Thanks.  the only reason rags-to-riches even works is because the poor are not afraid of financial ruin. when you grow up at rock bottom, rock bottom can be comfortable, and you’re freer to take risks. that’s not an advocacy for poverty, however, since I imagine his poorer business decisions and general lack of self-awareness (in the material that saw failure) stemmed from that early life of neglect. he would have lived longer, too, had he not suffered malnutrition and stress for so long. a great-uncle of mine worked with Walt Disney as a plate positioner. he died poor, but kept a sketchbook of all the studies he could make of Mickey and Donald. what’s success is the exception, not the rule. 


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