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Project P Follow a large P and a little P on a piece of paper and make enough copies for all your children. Turn on some popcorn and let the children put the popcorn on the letters. They can eat a little and paste a little. Paper collage board Let children print a sheet of P on a sheet of paper, then look through the journals for pictures starting with P. Cut them out and paste them around P. This activity can be done. present with a “partner”. There is a pajama party! Everyone is wearing pajamas, slippers, gowns, etc. Have a comfortable day. Read a lot of stories, lying around on a sleeping bag and a big soft pillow. Eat snacks: popcorn, biscuits, peanuts, ice cream, plums, etc. Sample Ask your child to observe a variety of patterns, both visual and acoustic.

Pumpkin Kids discover pumpkin, outside and inside. Letter P shirt. Let them touch, smell, taste and describe it. Poison awareness Helps your child learn about the dangers of toxins in the home. P Explorations Provides one of the following sets of objects for children to explore; paper, pen, person or pet. Ask them to describe the items. Tasting Potatoes Prepare potatoes in different ways for the children to taste. Each child then votes for the perfect potato by placing a sticker on the appropriate column of a chart. Platypodes Learn more about this unusual cod that lives in water, with duck receipts, filamentous legs, and feathers. Other animals start with P Porcupine, polar bears, parrots, panthers, penguins, panda bears, pachyderm (elephant/rhino), Palomino (horse) Pogo. There is a pogo bar available for outdoor play. Pirates There is a contest or perhaps parade of Pirates!

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Letter P sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve

Letter P Long sleeve

Long sleeve

Letter P Sweater


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Palindromes For older children, discover palindromes. Letter P shirt. A word that reads in the same direction backward. For example Rotator, madam, etc. Parachutes Play with umbrellas available on the market. Create parachutes from plastic dolls, etc. Play Peekaboo Pear Punch See who can make the longest leather band. Give kids a plastic knife. Pentathlon Establish a coordinated event in the playground. Children must complete five activities. So P Talk with older children about. How they make sounds like in photography or pharmacy. Piano Play the piano and let the kids have a turn at the keys. Number peanut game Place 10 plastic boxes numbered. From 1 to 10 and a basket of peanuts. Let the children take turns putting the appropriate number of peanuts into each container.


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