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Love The Precious Cats, Official Latina AF shirt. Hilarious, Dogs omg Are Second Best !!! Could watch These All Day Long, I have No Life At The Moment, Just Pitiful!!!! The long hair orange gorgeous cat looks like my Hemingway mitten kitten…especially this first pic of a video! He can be a BUTT, Such a fantastic videoThe last filmed cat really meant business, Cats are so full of character & I didn’t make it, because in seconds I was bursting out laughing!! Can’t go wrong with “animal videos”…they are sooo cute and funny! That little black kitten at the end might grow up to be pretty mean, it was really fired up. Sure personally. Cats r really cool. Got Sooo tickle. Made me really Lol!!!!!!! The cat at the end was not playing. Not a good idea to keep antagonizing a cat like that. That cat with the funny body movement right before he pounces, I tried not to. Really hard.

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Latina AF Sweater


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Finally, it was the laugh or choke. Official Latina AF shirt. The man sitting in the chair talking about “reducing stress” while getting his fingers chomped on, That cat at the beginning is all like “you are a grown man stop it.” In this world its all about being authoritative… And expressing yourself… them siamese are a worse stalker in the shower cats than Zamia! THE THIRD ONE WITH THE TWO LITTLE DOGS, IS DEFINITELY ME & MY FIANCE LESTER, ARGUING OVER THE COVERS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.LOL, LMFAO, HA!HA!HA!HA! This is not funny! To have your dogs bite you really??! Pull this ridiculous video, Love how the dog basically told the boyfriend, “um, no sir. My Hooman.” this one about the gift after the dog jumped on him looks like the kid hurt the dog, I kept re-watching the first one.
I’m in tears from laughing so hard. This is my 21 weeks old kitten demolish a whole loo roll fro the first time.


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