Mohamed Salah never give up shirt


He may disagree with managerial decisions and selections. Mohamed Salah never give up shirt. but it is very clear he has a lot of love for the club despite the shit he’s gotten over the years. To be fair to Lovren whatever you think about his playing abilities he seems to be a massive presence off the pitch. Togetherness is exactly the right word. You couldn’t imagine the Man United players all banding together and belting out Glory, glory Man United (as it’s played through speakers around Old Trafford akin to Stalinist propaganda announcing the newest tractor production figures). Me too. Feel like he went underrated for a period in the fanbase because of the brilliance of Van Dijk and periods of really good form from both Gomez and Lovren alongside him. He’s always been quality. He was such a savvy signing.

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Mohamed Salah Never Give Up v neck

his ability to make long forward passes in the ground that break through many opposition lines is incredible. Mohamed Salah never give up shirt. It shows vision, accuracy and confidence from a defender who usually aren’t known for these kind of passes. Not something you hear all the time but him and Maguire are really good dribblers for centrebacks and they’re both huge. He’s been told to defend much more aggressively and higher up than he was and it’s worked really well. Think he’s a much better defender than he was covering. From the first moment of the match every single Liverpool player chased the ball like a hellhound on steroids. Pressed for 90 minutes even though they played 100 just 3 days beforehand in a tight win at Newcastle (reminder Barca rested their entire squad the same day).

I will never be able to fully explain this match in a purely tactical way because it’s not so simple. Last night was about passion, pride and sheer willpower. You don’t batter Barca without your 2 best players if you lack any of those.


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