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What has happened is the Louder With Crowder Socialism V Neck Shirt Democrats know there’s nothing impeachable in the report because they’ve had more than enough time and access to it to determine that but they have to keep this shroud of mystery over it with the help of manure spreaders like CNN for as long as they can so it’s possibly still relevant when the 2020 elections come around. All their candidates are radicals except creepy Uncle Joe and they don’t want him because he’s another Hillary with fewer dead witnesses. The Mueller report was TWO YEARS and unlimited resources to facilitate providing ALL you could ever need. The redacted portions. Congress knows fully well are legally recognized by all the pertinent parties, to include Mueller, as unreleasable. HE had a hand in that process of selection.

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Political theater Louder With Crowder Socialism V Neck Shirt now. What a joke Democrat’s are. Let’s Subpoena The AG to break the law because we can’t get what we want because doing so will break the law. I’ve never seen such level of stupidity displayed in government. It’s too obvious to say I guess, but why hasn’t it occurred to his base that innocent people ARE transparent, one of his many broken promises to them. I expected him to lie cheat and steal because I knew who he was, but they should be so PO’D by now you would think they would be leading the charge to run him out of town. Imagine if Pres. Obama had pulled one-tenth of the crap he does daily. OMG. What are you talking about? The report was made available and all you had to do was to read it. Such lying garbage from the left. This is classic trump.

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