Halloween Hocus Pocus time Witches shirt


I’m so serious about this I most definitely want all 3 of these when they come out pretty please! Halloween Hocus Pocus Time Witches shirt. Christmas present! I can’t remember if this is what you collect or not but it looks similar. I know you love Halloween things. Lol, I don’t know if you’re interested in Funko Pops but I know you like Hocus Pocus and I remember watching it in your class so.  Don’t go on Halloween! Everything will be sold out and when we went there were 250,000 people there that day. Was just in Salem last week hike visiting Boston. Very busy. Did the witch museum and walks shops and marina area. Dinner at Turners Seafood. Parking was the biggest problem unless you are familiar with the area. My wife and I were on a road trip and stopped in to take pictures at Max’s house. Very very cool, Yeah. Avoid Salem on Halloween unless you like carnivals and bar hopping. Cuz that’s all you’re gonna find that day. (Speaking from personal experience), 

Halloween Hocus Pocus time Witches shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank top

Halloween Hocus Pocus time Witches Hoodie


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Amanda Morash on my bucket list to when I visit you. Halloween Hocus Pocus Time Witches shirt. Obsessed with Hocus Pocus after the massive marathon the past few days! Lol. I WAS JUST WATCHING THIS AT WORK!!! My favorite scene is when Mary suggests they form a calming circle and Winifred reacts they exact same way ANY woman would react if you tell her to calm down!  I was so excited when I found this for 5$ at Wal-Mart on DVD!! Since I found it, I had an obsession to watch it weekly. even if I never see your face again we will NEVER stop being friends because EVERY year I will tag you in something about Hocus Pocus.


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