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“Although there is no agreement, we are trying to reach an agreement we want. On June 7, we will continue to work, maybe this will be one of the last discussions to have an agreement. Mexico will send the national defense force to the southeastern part of the country. We informed the US about deploying 6,000 soldiers there, to cover the entire southern border area. “

From Mexico, the government of President Manuel Lopez Obrado has announced to block bank accounts of 26 suspects related to human trafficking from Central America. On June 5, Mexico also aggressively arrested about 350 illegal immigrants who moved into the country, stopping the flow of about 1,000 immigrants from Central America in southern Mexico.

When asked whether the US sanctions against Huawei made the US lag behind in the 5G network, President Trump answered “No”.

America “will really lead the way soon; You know, we lead the way in every field, ”he said. “Huawei is strong, very strong … I want China to do well but I don’t want them to do as well as we do.”

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