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Sorry but with no magnetic field, there can be no life, Flat Mars Society shirt. the atmosphere was blown away by solar winds because when mars core solidified it lost its magnetic field which protects life from radiation and blocks the solar winds. If piles of earth iron core ever cool and solidify it will also lose its magnetic field. Brian Balmforth, perhaps…..but on a multicellular level, it would seem unlikely. Also, without a magnetic field whatever atmosphere created would just be blasted into space. you know whats wrong with humans? why do we need to terraform Mars when we already have earth? instead of spending billions of money on terraforming Mars, why not spend it to restore earth? we don’t have to go on outer space our home is here already! stupid humans! good luck mars, cancer humans are gonna get you. -Dr. Junardus Nangcasus. u crazy we humans are gonna get to ten billion people one day and earth won’t bee able to handle us anymore so we need another planet that’s why they discovered a plane twice as bigger then earth so we sent a signal to see if there is life on the planet so we can live there.

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Becoming a multi-planet species is def a goal we need to obtain, for sure. Flat Mars Society shirt. But terraforming, a bloody pipe dream. Especially with the way, they show here…it’s laughable lol. Earth won’t die … The planet has its own way of saying I had enough (natural calamities) but the way we are going we may end up destroying our selves. We do have the solution already of how to cleanse the Earth it’s called a Nuclear War. Total insulation would allow the Earth time to reset itself. Tim Kerr, we still are not close to overpopulation, a study by the time magazine in2017 showed that all humanity can still fit in just California alone. And you are an extremist uneducated person. So much good being done. Yes so much bad being done. Earth has lived through several extinction processes we are next. New life form starts over repeat process until we get it right or star supernovas and game over. I hate extremists on both sides so don’t give me attitude. Why would you watch this video when you can be doing something with your life…Because it would be a big step for humanity, although the population is growing massively so u do the maths.


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