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Auto-captioning software is awful. Dick Smells Like Chapstick shirt. Most of the programs botch at least every fifth word. Seriously…help those of us who need CC services out, eh?  Does anyone remember an impersonator named Rich Little? Now that dude was scary, He sounded just like the person he was mimicking. I would not be surprised one bit if the found someone who sounds like Trump and made a false tape!  I was thinking the same thing. Why, because she can’t produce them. And they all use in known sources all the time.

You all need to watch. Flight 370 to 911. Dick Smells Like Chapstick shirt. I’m trying to figure out why persons of color can say it (all of the time and even in their music) but no one else is allowed to? It’s a fair question. Thank you, brother, for sharing all your info, you truly are the man!!! have a great ravening my brother!  I love your news stories. I wish the news on TV was presented like this! (I didn’t recognize you without the suit!) This is the third time Donald Trump had fired her. He took her back twice. I hope he never higher her, enough is enough. Omarosa is just looking for another 15 minutes of fame. She has been proven to be a liar over and over. I think it’s racist that one demographic go of people can not use the n-word and another demographic group uses the word frequently and it is acceptable. That’s not free speech or American the race card is played out, Aug yes the Grandeosa Queen is a nightmare. I called crazy back then and I still think she is crazy borderline personality today. Needs to be the center of attention to be important. Yep, nothing has changed.

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Dick Smells Like Chapstick shirt

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Omarosa is for sale to the highest bidder…… just like the Kardashian’s clan too, Dick Smells Like Chapstick shirt.  I’ll give credit to Omarosa for one thing. When she went on The View, she handed Joy Behar’s ass to her. She’s just out for 5 more minutes of fame – disregard……big mouth – just releasing hot air – probably comes out the other end too. Obviously, Omarosa is upset, because, she got fired. Would you expect her
to say anything nice now? Here comes the fault finding…… I was really surprised she was asked to join the White House staff. I saw her on The Apprentice and she is a liar. Couldn’t stand her. She became butthurt and weak and sold out for wealth and fame. She knows how to play just like “Pole Cat Skanky” with all the attention she got so she sees nothing but, and ruining a good mans’ name in the process just because she didn’t get her way with him.

Dick Smells Like Chapstick shirt. The Democrats are like vultures waiting for the weakest links to become down and out and desperate so they can lure them in their nets to add to their flock of wicked dirty birds. By the love of money being the root of all evil all the vultures have to do is flash a little cash and promise them the moon to join them. The vultures fail to tell their victims that they have to do as they say before they can have the moon that they truly never get. It never ends up well when people go through life lying, cheating, and stealing their way through because sooner or later payday will arrive when the truth in all things comes out.



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