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Every day, I and other parentsreceive a “Book Checklist.” Dear Parents Your Expectations Of Teachers Should Match shirt. A communication channel that I think isnecessary for parents to learn about their child’s progress. To help themreview their knowledge. As well as updating the situation of children, in casethey can not meet and exchange with her every time to pick up children toschool. Every parent receives an “E-newsletter – internal newsletter“via email with full information about the one-month activity of the school’seducational community, as well as updates on upcoming activities for theupcoming parent.

Links between school and parents

Arrange time to attend schoolwith the children. Thanks to this information, parents can capture thesituation of their children and support their children in a timely manner, aswell as contribute to the overall development of the school. In addition,parents also have the opportunity to join with students on charity trips,exchanges with psychologists in the country and abroad, to share experiences, parenting communication. Thanks to the activities and exchanges held at theschool, the parents and the school have a close bond together, together inraising and educating children to develop in thinking. , intellectual, physicaland mental one better.

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With the pace of life and theworries and worries affecting most parents’ time Dear Parents Your Expectations Of Teachers Should Match shirt. Open information channels forparentsto connect with the school are essential. And the cooperation,contribution of information from parents will be the foundation to help theschool complete its important responsibilities. I believe that when parents andfamilies are sharing the same path, sharing the same goal and sharinginformation, they will become the center of education and more fullycultivated. .The mood of being a mother like me is always anxiety and anxietyfor me. Understanding this concern, teachers are always working to bridge thegap between school and parents, through a variety of ways. And I found thatcollaborating with the school in the education of children is very important. Expressingthe unity of the educational point oiew.
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