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We saw bigger hail some 3 years ago during the Memorial Day hail storm that hit south Tomball and north Houston. Colorado Flower shirt We’re talking softball jagged hail size…Putting dents in cars, not no marble size dings. Plus of course, shattering glass too, and doing major damage to rooftops, ripping shingles right off. That is one thing I don’t miss about Ft Collins, is the hail storms. That one we got just before we moved in 2014 scared me to death. To say nothing for the damage it caused in our neighbourhood. I remember these crazy storms. Had one completely destroy my convertible top in less than ten minutes! Even with storms like this, I’d move back to the Springs in a heartbeat.PA had hail a few times n it was bad like going through the roof windows and every car window was broken n alarms going off the whole nine yards. If you read the last comment by me on here, you will be scratching your head. The video that was so funny doesn’t come up now! Haven’t had a storm like this for a while here in NZL but the footage is a good viewing for those with damage where insurance is concerned. Well, we had golf ball size hail! Many areas around town had either tennis ball or baseball size hail!!! Lots of damage around the city!  I live n Va. So far many things past us by. Colorado Flower shirt The Carolina’s & upstate NY, Rhode Island, Boston get the bulk of What’s going on. We stuck between the South & the northeast. I’m so very glad. When we have a rain storm I get n a closet.

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