Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt


Dope collection. Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt. He took too many pills or blow before they shot this. His jaw is going crazy, this song was a big hit back then, loved this song like mad, Omg every time I hear this song it reminds me of you lol, you used to play the hell out this song lol, The good ole days Chris Brown used to be so adorable, We need just you and me day and listen to all the music from 2011 til 2014. Miss my baby Simone and Matt and uncle Dean says chubby my babies Darrian and Hailey. Loving this song!!!! Morning Wake up! Love on the Brain. Hits women, threaten them, yet they still want him. So sad. After he got with riri…he became a freak. That 2008 tho! Like…new Chris beginning or nah? Like if you believe that breezy is the most talented musician ever. Baddest mafucker in da game for the last decade!!!.

Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt

Chris Brown Black Pyramid Sweater


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Chris Brown Black Pyramid shirt. I know that people judging have made mistakes in their lives so thank your lucky stars that you are not as famous as Breezy because what goes around comes around and I would personally hold that mistake against you so that you will know how that feels. But you can clear your mistakes by forgiving him. He ain’t perfect but neither are you. So stop going around judging like you are looking into your heart deep down you’ve made a lot of mistakes but people forgave you imagine your life if they didn’t then you’d know how he feels. Chris Brown has true raw talents. This truth can’t be denied. Good luck Chris! U r doing great don’t let anybody stop u what u love. U r an Artists n Family keep n doing what u do. God bless you n the family.  His catalog is eh. He had a few bangers mixed in with a whole lot of avg to mediocre


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