Bullverine shirt


Elyse Brown we do indeed see these bad boys in the Navy, werewolves Bullverine shirt. how do you think dudes sport their peanut butters?? Women are the only ones without the tucked shirt and have a fitted one instead. Anita, no, but a civilian calling a civilian, civilian is kinda funny to me. That’s all I was asking for. Not because of the shirt stays. Lol, Ben Forshee once we had a surprise dorm inspection and had to get into full service at 5 am, and me being way too tired clipped them from my socks to my boxers instead of my shirt. Was a really uncomfortable formation lmao. Damn, I thought it was their beautiful physiques, now we know it’s women’s lingerie items that keep them looking good. Next, you will tell me they wear corsets to keep their breathing in check.

Bullverine shirt

Bullverine Guys tee

Guys tee

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Michael Hendriks, yeah, by their last name. werewolves Bullverine shirt. That’s what we have name tapes for. So you walk up to a random person and say “hey civilian….”? I’m not sure it works that way. Roy Waggoner, were you air Force or something? Marines have been doing this god awful shit for a long time, Michael Hendriks wait for a soldier to another soldier? Probably lover, Roy Waggoner than you didn’t know ANYONE in the military. Shirt stays are issued at basic,  Elyse Brown lol. My Navy guy never had them. Can’t get any sharper than a dressed sailor. I was in the Army for nine years and never wore this shit, nor was it issued or sold at the post exchange…lol


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