Black People Pray To Before Slavery shirt

I’m not messing with it, Who Did Black People Pray To Before Slavery shirt. I got my flannel lined blue jeans, my wool sox, and a five-foot hand made a scarf and that’s all before I put on my coat and gloves. I’m going out in this, I’m not intended to be cold while I’m out there. Lol so true! I will bundle me and the kids up in layers! But also we are the family who doesn’t let the cold stop us either! We put on a tank top, long sleeve, sweater or hoodie, jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, hiking boots and hit the hiking trails snow and all! Lol!! I brave this Chicago cold and I bundle up, hats scarfs, face masks, gloves, snow boots or my water proof UGGS hell I will wear snow pants plus I live by the lake so when it’s money to be made I’m out here in this cold and at work, plus I have the best job ever!!!
 I guess I got Latina and black blood somewhere cuz I wear sandals all year. Cold didn’t bother me when I was younger. I wouldn’t even wear a jacket (unless I was forced to by my mom)! Now that I’m older and have metal in my body I can’t stand the cold. 

Who Did Black People Pray To Before Slavery shirt, hoodie, sweater, v-neck t-shirt and tank

Who Did Black People Pray To Before Slavery Hoodie


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My kids aren’t bothered by the cold at all. Who Did Black People Pray To Before Slavery shirt. My oldest won’t wear a jacket to save his life. They both run hot all the damn time. My youngest I can’t keep pjs on her. She is always ripping the blankets off and trying to sleep in just her diaper (she’s only 2)! She’s got all Mexican, black, and white blood running thru her veins lol!

I’m 1/2 Mexican, and the rest is white/ Irish and Cherokee… By this video I must have some African roots as well because when gets below 60° I don’t go outside unless I have to. And when I have to I’m 3-4 layers deep
my daughter on the other hand…she fears no evil (cold). I’m inside got 3 pairs of socks on, yoga pants, sweat pants, long sleeve shirt, under shirt, hoodie, a beanie, a blanket, a comforter and a space heater…and she’s in shorts and a t shirt complaining that’s she’s hot.  Haha, this is hilarious. 

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