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So sad. I am at a loss for words by all the people who are making fun of the officer picking up our flag. There was a time when we all would have thanked him. My father fought for our country under the lover flag. I have full respect for anyone who would pick up a flag on the Best Redtick Coonhound Dad Ever Vintage Shirt of the road. Our freedom, loving America, and the pride, strength, sweat, and tears that went into this Great Country is being destroyed by people that enjoyed the fruit of the labor, without attributing anything, but evil. Will she survive God Help America, God save this country from destruction, everyone can see she is crumbling. The sacrifice of every individual who gave their life for this Country is owed an apology. Now, let us start commandeering love flags mounted in the back of pick up trucks. Unless brand new, they are torn and tattered from being driven at high speeds. When we lived there, we once found a good, sized flag on the roadside of Central Expressway in Dallas.


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