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Would be nice to hear that on the msm. I think I heard that if they get their pay and their back pay that any income from other sources might have to be paid back, I don’t know.  It takes only one man to reverse his own decision. It is easy but he says he doesn’t want to look bad. I literally just heard Kellyanne Conway quote George Clinton while describing what kind of wall her boss want to build. She said and I quote he want to build a wall so wide you can’t get around it, so low you can’t get under it, so high you can’t get over it. I was waiting on her to say one nation under a groove getting down for the funk of it.  I work in government and I’m also selfemployed, and I just moved back awhile back from my hometown shinjuku in Japan to the US again with my mom and cousin shinza, and I’m also not getting like paid lol, at least I kill time sleeping outside in my tent and reading, who knows how long shutdown will be, but until.

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I can  I’m not a federal worker but thank you for helping out my fellow brothers and sisters.Politics,I just don’t understand.I just hope this has a collateral effect nationwide. When we get backpay we just have to pay this back but in the meantime it could make all the difference.  That’s great for those who aren’t working. But as usual the ones who have to work get screwed yet again.  And incest runs in my family like me.and grandpa . My son married my wife last month and now I am expecting to be the grandfather of my kid son with my wife so amazing .so much blessings.Then I’ll just be having some time to explore more.



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