Anemone in a world full of grandmas be a grammy shirt


Sorry to say but the exterior design of the new E class is just awful. I love Anemone in a world full of grandmas be a grammy shirt and have bought a few in the past, but the new car designs are just not right. That wow factor is missing. The back of the car looks like a Toyota Camry 2000 model ( the E class sedan). Sorry to say but BMW and Audi are in front of Mercedes by far when it comes to the exterior design. Time for a change MB. The curved display module creates the visual connection between passengers and the outside world so you can dive into the world of Pandora and our own magical nature!

From high-quality surfaces to Multicontour seats with Anemone in a world full of grandmas be a grammy shirt; the interior of the new GLE has a strong sense of luxury. I am not sure about the rear lights…it looks Japanese or Korean. The front n back looks like a mismatch. I felt like the person designing the front did not communicate with one designing the back. The E Class video that was teased a couple of days before the debut had the new car with a different grille with.  Nice turn to cls/class design which is sleeker, sharper and elegant. I think news and c types will follow the same concept.

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